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Chapter 6: [Green Toys] 100% Play

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

It's summertime, kids are on holiday and have you made any plans yet? Head down to the beaches? Pools? Parks? If you are considering outdoor activities or meeting friends that they miss seeing for a long time, allow your kids some new cool toys that they can play with and have fun with friends. Mission 6 came across Green Toys, a USA based manufacturer that is making 100% recycled toys.

Green Toys!  Fun, Safe and Educational!  Available at


Green Toys recycle plastic out of milk jugs as their primary ingredients - admiring practice demonstrates that recycling can be tangible and meaningful. They don't use chemicals or metal pieces to hold parts together, making each unit safe and kids proof. Even Preschool years toddlers who are teething or perfecting their throwing and motor skills can enjoy Green Toys all year round.

Each of the Green Toys, be it a bus or ferry, has a playful stand out feature that empower toddlers to be creative. These features are a powerful children development tool allowing each individual to build character - how they imagine using the splash and pour quality of the Tug Boat, will they have more imaginative ways to use the Pink Dumpster, or learning to share Speedsters with others and carry them over the ferry.

If we combine the fact that these are nearly indestructible, inexpensive and entertaining playthings, inspiring open play, imagination and creativity, no wonder they won so many awards.

Green Toys!  Fun, Safe and Educational!  Available at

Safe? Clean? Eco-Friendly too? And they are sustainable?

All Green Toys plastic materials are cleaned, reprocessed into a raw material with food-safe, mineral-based colouring. The recycling process diverts material from landfills, save energy, and reduce carbon footprint. From their site, all products meet US and international standards!

Oh, their production is supporting local communities with local hires. Every pound of milk jug used to create a Green Toy product saves enough energy of 3000 AAA batteries or a laptop computer running for one month. As of now, they have recycled over 109million milk jugs to date.

Green Toys!  Fun, Safe and Educational!  Available at

All products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard and printed with minimal colour using soy inks, a natural, renewable resource that bio-degrades 4x faster than petroleum-based ink. They even received the prestigious Greener Packaging Award, the only independent sustainable packaging award in the USA! Every Green Toy packaging box recycled is a gallon of water saved.

Green Toys!  Fun, Safe and Educational!  Available at

I wish every children, parent, brother and sister a happy and enjoyable summer holiday. Remember, some less fortunate families can benefit from our help.

Choose A Green Toy Now

June 2021. Content materials and Photo credits: Green Toys. The USA.

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