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About Mission 6

Mission 6 is an online Shop&Learn platform empowering visitors to start and grow their awareness of sustainable living with featured eco-friendly Homewares and inspiring Lifestyle content.  Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Hong Kong, we are a small team of individuals sharing the same vision to reduce adverse environmental impacts and advocate effort towards a better planet while staying truthful and respectful to the communities we meet.  Mission 6 is 100% founder-owned and a supporter of local charity events, doing good for the planet and the people, one step at a time.

Sustainable and Future We Live In


Our Mission is to bring sustainable inspirations and lifestyle improvements that are made ethically to every customer.


It is perfecting the practice of living a life that conveys little impact on the environment, so our planet can replenish and sustain future generations.

Image by Edward Howell
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